Ponckle The Cat Painter of St Ives is a collection of Ponckle’s paintings, spanning a 40-year artistic career beginning in Mallorca and culminating in St Ives. The book also features excerpts from Ponckle’s memoirs, in which she eloquently recalls her 77 years, from her childhood in wartime Chingford, through her days in swinging 60s London, Paris and Cannes, her life in sun-drenched Spain and her final years in Cornwall as the Cat Painter of St Ives.


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  2. This is a great website.

    I am interested in purchasing a painting by Ponckle Fletcher. Her gallery was just around the corner from St Nicholas Court where my Dad owned a flat.

    I vividly remember her as being a larger than life character. Trevor and Helen Smith, who used to own and run the Mermaid restaurant always spoke very highly of her and when I was visiting in their restaurant (which Trevor’s son Matthew now runs) last weekend I couldn’t help but think of her.

    Do you have any additional pictures that are not included on your website?

    I am particularly interested in pictures which include St Ives or the gallery.

    I ask in part for myself, it would certainly be good to have a piece to remember her, but also for my niece (Sarah Russell – who is roughly the same age as me). She is getting married next year, and her love of cats was, in part fostered by Ponckle.

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