Ponckle married photographer Trevor Clark in 1964 and had two sons, Gavin and Jake. They all moved to Mallorca in 1969, where Trevor became a travel photographer. Ponckle was his stylist and in her spare time she began making pictures of bullfighters and flamenco dancers out of pieces of driftwood covered in fabric. These soon progressed to large fabric collages, first of exotic birds and then large-scale portraits of film stars of the day such as Paul Newman and Sophia Loren. These were shown at an exhibition at the Courtauld Institute in London in 1974.

Mallorca’s tourist boom was just beginning and the island began filling up with British visitors, including the eccentric Lady Docker, whose son opened a members club in Palma Nova, where Ponckle and her husband spent much of their time. This was the gin-and-tonic fuelled heyday of the expat scene, where George Best propped up the bar, long-haired men in flared white suits fell into swimming pools and lobster lunches lasted seven hours. Ponckle flourished and managed to maintain a steady painting regime, though the excess and glamour that surrounded her soon began to take its toll on family life. She returned to England in 1977 with her two sons and divorced Trevor.

One thought on “Mallorca

  1. Dear Jake I remember those wonderful days back in Majorca with dear Ponckle Trevor and you and Gavin – infact the three years my dear Mum and I spent with you all where some od the best in my Life – do you remember me Joey and my mum Amy we lived in the apartment under the Villa in Portals Nous – I cared for you both for 3 yeaars taking you both to school looking after you both when your parents were so busy. Ponckle and Trevor were wonderful to us and we all had the most exciting times. We caught up with Ponckle in St Ives many years later , it was wonderful to talk of the great times spent in Majorca. I can’t tell you how very sad I feel that she is no longer with us. She was a great friend to Mum and I over the years – and as an artist a great inspiration to me as I am now a artist – I shall never forget the fun I had with you and Gaavin I have lots of pictures so will sort them out and let you have them. Do hope you are both very happy and your dear Mum would be so proud of you both. Sell lots of pictures -I know Ponckle is looking down on you . Lots of love Joey Hull x

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